How to Retrieve Blockchain Account

Let’s Retrieve Blockchain Account

Crypto-world is all about business, finance, and hassle-free transactions but things can go wrong if the security protocols aren’t followed correctly. The most common problems that crypto-users deal with are losing passwords, changing devices, losing recovery phrase, and lastly, getting scammed. 

Each of these problems leads us to one question how to retrieve a blockchain account?

The answer depends on the type of problem you are facing, so let’s dive into the different types of ways one by one. 


Different Ways to Retrieve Blockchain Account

  • Reset The Password

Forgetting passwords is the most common problem people usually face. The recovery phrase comes in handy at times like these, as they are the backup files of your private keys in case you lose them. Just follow the simple steps and you are all good to go:

  1. Open the login page and click on the ‘forgot password.’
  2. Enter the recovery phrase carefully without making any mistakes.
  3. Type in the new password and click on reset password. It is advised to use a password having at least 16 characters of a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols.
  4. Complete the re-verification procedure to access your funds.
  • Open Wallet on a New Device 

Logging into a new device can be complicated as it will make you follow a certain set of procedures. But it’s meant for your safety as the system just wants to confirm that it’s you, the owner, who is logging in and not some hacker trying to get into your account. Hence, if you’re wondering how to retrieve a blockchain account, you will not only have to enter the ID and password but also your 12-word recovery phrase to get access to the funds.

  • Without The Recovery Phrase

Your recovery phrase (backup file) is like your last-minute hero which always saves you in trouble. But what if you lost your savior? Well, that’s quite a big problem because you can’t get access to your old funds without your private key or recovery phrase. A new wallet can be made without the recovery phrase, but you will lose all your old funds. So, here are two persons who can help you:

  1. Wallet provider: They can retrieve your blockchain account through phone numbers and email addresses connected with your account. 
  2. Data recovery specialist: Their job is to regain the deleted files, thus they can retrieve your blockchain account if they find the lost recovery phrase among the deleted files.
  • Recovery Service

If you can’t log in to your account by any means mentioned above or can’t find your precious funds, there’s a high possibility that your account has been hacked. It is advised to contact any trusted recovery service as soon as possible but beware of the scammers. They are revolving around the internet in disguise of recovery services, promising to give back your funds and instead do the opposite. 

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Key to Retrieve Blockchain Account

Thus, to understand how to retrieve a blockchain account, your 12-word recovery phrase, account re-verification, and recovery services play a major role in the crypto world.

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