How to Get Your Private Key From Blockchain Wallet

How to Get Your Private Key From Blockchain Wallet


The private key from Blockchain Wallet is Integral

You must have read a lot of articles saying that your private key is the most crucial part of your blockchain account and that you should never lose it. But what is a private key? And how to get your private key from a blockchain wallet? That’s what we will be talking about today. 


Key to Your Funds

Your private key is not just an ordinary key. It’s basically the key to getting access to your crypto funds. Each blockchain wallet has its own key and you can’t access your crypto funds without it. But in case you lost your private keys, that’s where the ‘recovery phrase’ comes to the rescue, as it is the backup file of your private keys. 


How to Get Your Private Key?

Before proceeding to the following steps on how to get your private key from the blockchain wallet, first make sure to have an updated wallet software installed on your device.

  1. Open the software and let it sync with the internet to avoid any glitches. Your blockchain system must be updated too.
  2. Open the ‘Help’ section and click on ‘debug window’. 
  3. Select the ‘console’ option.
  4. By entering ‘wallet passphrase [your password] 600’, your wallet will be opened for 10 minutes. Remember to write the original wallet password in the section of [your password]. 
  5. In the next column, enter ‘dumpprivkey [your bitcoin address]’. Remember to add your Bitcoin address precisely with no mistakes. 
  6. The screen will now display the private keys of your account.
  7. Copy the keys to a safe and secured place in an offline mode like paper, pen drive, etc. 
  8. After you are done with noting down the keys, lock the wallet by entering ‘wallet lock’. 

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Safely Store Your Private Key of Blockchain Wallet 


Here are some safety tips to follow after learning how to get your private key from a blockchain wallet.

  1. While saving private keys, it is advised to secure them in a paper form safely in your vault. 
  2. The private keys saved in the hard disk or pen drive can be put somewhere in a cold atmosphere to avoid getting tracked which can lead to hacking. 
  3. Never share the private keys with anyone because your keys hold complete access to the funds and coins, hence can be misused. 
  4. Always take precautions while typing in the codes, passwords, and addresses to avoid any mishaps.
  5. Contact the wallet provider or recovery services if you’re facing any issues like not being able to acquire the keys. 
  6. Always lock the wallet before exiting the software with the code ‘wallet lock’ to avoid any malware threats. 


Getting Private Key from Blockchain Wallet: Easy Peasy!

The private keys of a blockchain wallet can be accessed easily with a few steps and codewords. Make sure to keep a backup after saving them in the offline mode.

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