How to Restore the Ledger with a Passphrase

How to Restore the Ledger with a Passphrase

Introduction of how to restore the ledger with a passphrase

The need to restore an account can arrive due to many reasons like changing devices, losing devices, etc. 

It can be restored by passphrase, PINs, etc according to the situation you are in. But here’s a thing. Many people get confused between recovery phrases, passphrases, and PINs. 

So before answering the question of how to restore the ledger with a passphrase, let’s first get our facts straight about these crypto terms. 


Recovery phrase, Passphrase, and PIN code.

As a crypto user, being aware of certain terms helps in a smooth working process in the crypto world. So here they are:


  1. The recovery phase is the backup file of the private keys, linked with the funds, and helps in recovering the lost account. Every account has just one recovery phrase and you can’t recover it once lost. 
  2. Passphrases are used for the security of a wallet. You can make as many wallets as you can from one account because every wallet has its own passphrase. But you may lose your funds in the wallet if the passphrase is lost.  
  3. And lastly, the PIN code guards your device against threats but isn’t linked to your funds. 


Benefits of Adding Passphrase 


  1. Saves from Cyber-Threats:

Passphrase helps in keeping your funds secure and hidden from cyber threats. If a hacker gets access to your recovery phrase, he still can’t reach your funds unless he knows the passphrase. 


  1. Create Multiple Wallets:

Creating different wallets helps in keeping funds separately which gives flexibility and allows the user to organize the funds accordingly.


  1. Dummy Wallets:

You can even create dummy wallets with a low balance for an extra layer of security. This can deceive the hacker, thus keeping the original funds safe in hidden wallets. 


Ways to Restore the Ledger with a Passphrase


  1. Restoring by Passphrase.

If your PIN and passphrase were attached, but you lost your PIN, here’s what you can do instead of resetting your Ledger device: 

Step 1. Go to settings and open Security.

Step 2. Click on Passphrase. Select ‘Set Up Passphrase’.

Step 3. Click on Attach to PIN and create a new PIN while attaching your current passphrase. 

Congratulations, you have successfully overwritten the old PIN without compromising the current passphrase.


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  1. Restoring by Recovery Phrase

Step 1. Refresh the Ledger app.

Step 2. Click on the Recovery phrase and select Restore.

Step 3. Enter your PIN code.

Step 4. Type in the Recovery phrase.

Congratulations, you have successfully recovered your account.

Note: If an ‘invalid recovery phrase’ error pops up, don’t panic. You may have mistyped your phrase so remember to enter it carefully. You can also press Control + F which allows you to search the words and verify each of them. 



While a passphrase offers special security like multiple wallets, it also comes with the responsibility of keeping it safe because losing a passphrase means losing funds in the wallet.

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