How to Recover Ledger Nano X

Recover your Ledger Nano X Easily

For holding cryptocurrency, a well-liked and safe hardware wallet is the Ledger Nano X. If you find yourself stuck in a situation wondering, how to recover Ledger Nano X, don’t worry – it’s a simple process. 


Learn How to Recover Ledger Nano X in Quick Steps

To put your wallet back on track, just follow these easy instructions:


  • Step 1. Find Your Recovery Seed Phrase

A key aspect of repairing your Ledger Nano X is the recovery seed phrase. You’re in good condition if you have it. You were given this 24-word phrase when you first set up your wallet. Locate the backup device or recovery document where you wrote these words down.

Make sure that the Ledger Nano X has been attached to a PC or mobile device that has the Ledger Live application downloaded. For a secure connection, use the original USB cable that arrived with the device.

  • Step 3. Click on Ledger Live.

Start the Ledger Live application on your PC or mobile phone. Install it from the official Ledger website if you haven’t already. Put in your PIN after connecting your Ledger Nano X.

  • Step 4. Select ‘Restore a Wallet’

Choose the ‘Restore a Wallet’ option in Ledger Live. You will be asked to input your recovery seed phrase as a result. Press ‘Restore from recovery phrase’ to start the restoring procedure.

  • Step 5. Write in Your Recovery Seed

Put each word in your 24-word recovery seed very carefully. To go through the words on your Ledger Nano X, use the buttons. This is the most crucial step in learning how to recover ledger nano x. Verify again for any errors or typos as accuracy is a must. 

  • Step 6. Verify and Finish the Procedure

Ledger Live will request you to confirm your option after you’ve entered the recovery seed phrase. Before confirming, make sure everything is correct. Ledger Live will start the recovery procedure as soon as it is verified. Your existing accounts and transactions will be restored to your Ledger Nano X.

  • Step 7. Create a New PIN

You’ll be asked to enter a new PIN for your retrieved Ledger Nano X as an extra security precaution. Select a PIN that is both safe and simple for you to recall.

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Sum Up: Restoring Ledger Nano X is No Hassle 

If you have your recovery seed phrase, retrieving your Ledger Nano X is a simple process. Your recovery seed phrase should always be kept out of sight and in a safe location. You can easily learn how to recover ledger nano x by following the above instructions and using precautions. Keep in mind that security is crucial in the cryptocurrency world, so secure your investments by taking the necessary steps.

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